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Title Insurance

After a title order has been placed, matters relating to the subject property are assembled in a title search and examined by skilled technicians. The Title Commitment is then prepared to meet requirements relating to closing and policy issuance in the manner approved by the parties to the contract.  The Title Commitment is an offer to issue a policy of title insurance covering an interest in land subject to stated exceptions. The Commitment is sent to the parties so that they can know what will not be insured by the title company.  Since these exceptions may point to problems with an intended purchase, it is important for all parties to review the report once it is received.

The Title Commitment will include the following matters:

  • The interest to be covered;
  • The owner of the interest;
  • The parcel of land involved;
  • The exceptions, liens, encumbrances and other risks which will not be insured against if a title policy is issued;
  • Other requirements and provisions which are reflected as "Notes" in the Title Commitment and which are removed if a title policy is issued.

A Title Commitment provides a list of the matters which will be shown as exceptions to coverage in a policy of title insurance covering a particular interest in land. It is designed to provide an interim, or "preliminary" response to an application for title insurance and is intended to facilitate the issuance of the designated policy; consequently, the insurer assumes no liability for errors in the report.  Any claim arising from a defect in title must be made under the title policy and not the Title Commitment.

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