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What Happens in Escrow Settlement?

Parties to real estate transaction request escrow services for their protection and convenience.  Once open, the escrow holder acts a disinterested third party, holding documents and funds on behalf of the parties, and distributing them in accordance with instructions. The buyer can instruct the settlement agent to disburse the purchase price only upon the satisfaction of certain conditions. The seller can instruct the settlement agent to retain possession of the deed until certain conditions, including receipt of the purchase price, are met. Each may rely on the settlement agent to carry out faithfully their mutually consistent instructions and advise them if the instructions cannot be carried out.

The settlement agent accomplishes this by:

  • Acting as the impartial depository of documents and funds;
  • Processing and coordinating the flow of documents and funds;
  • Keeping all parties informed of progress on the escrow;
  • Responding to the lender's requirements;
  • Securing a title insurance policy;
  • Obtaining necessary approvals of reports and documents from the parties; 
  • Prorating and adjusting insurance, taxes, rents and other monies subject to proration;
  • Recording the deed and loan documents;
  • Maintaining security and accountability of monies owed and owing.

Holland Law and Title, as a Fee Office for Lawyer's Title, provides professional escrow settlement services; these services are designed with the convenience of the parties to because each can move forward separately but simultaneously, while using Holland Law and Title as the central depositing point. 

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