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Why Use a Real Estate Agent (Buyers)

Why It Pays to Use a Professional
Real estate transactions have become very complicated; so, it pays to work with someone who specializes in the field -- a licensed real estate professional.   Texas applies very high duties on brokers and agents once they are licensed to represent consumers.  Because of this, becoming a licensed professional requires thorough training and examination. Additionally, Texas requires continuing education for license renewal. These specialists are compensated on their ability to sell properties quickly and cost-efficiently -- and for consumers, the beauty is that their expert abilities are chargeable only when a transaction is complete.

If You Are Buying a Home
For most of people, buying a home is the single biggest purchase of their lives. The enormity of the financial transaction aside, finding the right home is no easy undertaking. 

When you use an agent, you'll get the benefit of their professional experience from the moment you consider buying. Your agent will help you identify the homes that meet your needs, establish a fair market value of the properties considered and help you determine how much home you can afford.  They also can arrange financing, if needed. For instance, a real estate professional can, depending upon your financial situation, help you get pre-qualified for a loan, and even inform you about available financing options. A real estate professional also is an expert on neighborhoods, and can provide detailed information about schools, transportation, local taxes and community characteristics. 

Using a real estate professional also means gaining access to homes listed in Multiple Listing Service (MLS), an important marketing tool used by real estate professionals to inform other real estate professionals about available properties. That means a real estate professionals can give you information about a wide range of available homes from which to choose. 

Finally, a real estate professional can serve as the liaison between you and the seller, bringing to the table negotiating expertise and knowledge about required disclosures and the housing market. Structuring transactions, arranging financing and finding the properties that fit you're needs are the keys to success; thankfully, that's what they do. 

All of this is designed to ease your burdens and stress.

When You Make the Purchase 

An agreement between you with a seller is just the beginning of a final transaction. From that point, your agent or broker can handle the necessary details to complete your purpose: from building and termite reports to insurance and closing arrangements -- your agent can help.  As an expert in real estate, they can give you advance estimates of your closing costs and net proceeds from the sale, as well as keeping you informed of the details to assure a smooth and timely closing.

Another vital part of any sale is title insurance. Buyers need an owner's policy to protect their equity, and lenders usually require a loan policy to protect their interests as well. Be sure to ask your agent or broker for protection from Holland Law & Title. Your title insurance policy will be backed up by the resources of Lawyers Title, the strongest title insurance family in the industry.

Finding A Professional

So, Where Do You Find a real estate professional? Like finding any good professional, the best way to locate one is through recommendations from friends or those who have bought or sold homes recently. Ask for references and check each thoroughly. Also, interview several real estate professionals before you decide on one.

It's important to find a professional who is a REALTOR®. Why? A REALTOR® is someone who, as a member of the local, state, and national trade associations, adheres to a strict code of ethics. Recently, the National Association of REALTORS® commissioned a nationwide survey to determine whether real estate professionals were doing their job professionally. The results were impressive: 97 percent of respondents indicated they received "excellent" or "very good" service from their REALTOR®.